Spanish wine and Sangria

Spain is well known because of the food, but the wines are not less popular. We can offer a selection of Spanish wines which definitely will pair perfectly to the food and your event. If you have doubts, we definitely can recommend you our favorite ones! Here we go with our suggestions:

Which kind of wine can I have on my event?

Ribera de Duero Red wine from River Duero area. It is one of the POD with longer history and tradition in Spain.

Rioja Red wine from the north of Spain, very international and long tradition.

Verdejo de Rueda: Dry white one from the heart of Castilla. Not as popular as previous but very high quality.

Albariño: Dry white wine from “POD” Rias Baixas, from the area of Galicia. Perfect match with the seafood.

Cava: Bubbles from Spain, because there is life in this kind of wines beyond champagne.

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What about Sangría?

Of course, we can have a master class, showing how to prepare one of the varieties of Sangría, with and without alcohol, always nice and refreshing. But it is also possible to prepare and enjoy another Spanish popular beverages as:

Agua de Valencia Stronger cocktail, from the area of Valencia, where the paella is originally from.

Rebujitos The drink of the “Ferias” in Andalucía. Soft and refreshing as Sangría.

Kalimotxo: Typical drink with origin on the Basque Country and Navarra, Very popular among the youngsters and Rockers.

Other cocktails: Cubalibre, Mojitos, gintonics… can be available upon request.