Hispatime brings the Jamon experience to Estonia

Everyone knows about the jamón from Spain, because it is one of the most popular products of the Spanish food!. Don't you think is it delicious? Even you might have called it prosciutto sometimes..., which is also tasty but not the same... After this, you will know exactly how to call each type and why.

Now, with Hispatime, you will be able to book a full Jamón experience in Tallinn! Because you know some things about it, but there is a world behind it, and we are going to transmit everything about the jamón in Estonia.
A complete Ham Carving show, prepared by our Spanish Maestro Cortador de Jamón, (Spanish Master Ham Cutter) Sergio G. Oliveros, cortado a cuchillo (knife carved) in precise slices which will bring you the best of the product and highest performance.

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Which types of jamon can I enjoy in Tallinn?

Basically all of them upon request, even though we can suggest you which option pairs better depending on the occasion you want to have it. Let's have a short presentation of our main stars in increasing order of quality and price:

Jamon Serrano

It is the typical jamón from “regular” white pork. It is the usual jamón that you can find pre-sliced on supermarkets, but trust me, just carved jamón, is really different. Interesting for a beginners experience.

Jamon Duroc

Also from white pork, but this time from a special breed: “Duroc Jersey” Also known as “Jamón de Teruel”, is very popular for the marbling fat throughout the flesh, which makes it softer and with new aromas. Definitely a good choice.

Jamon Iberico

Welcome to the beginning of the “ibérico” jamón with origin on the exclusive iberian pigs breed. It is the perfect compromise between taste and price. With a good balance of fat infiltration and intensity, make it as a recommended deal. You won't be disappointed.

Jamon de Bellota

The most exclusive jamón experience we can offer and probably one of the best meals that money can buy. Probably the only delicatessen food that you enjoy it pure, without combining it with any other ingredient. Marbling, aroma, intensity, great persistence in mouth, simply indescribable just with words.

We can offer also intermediate varieties, Jamón Ibérico Cebo de Campo and Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, do you know about them? Feel free to ask us about it.

In which event I can taste a Jamon in Estonia?

Basically always! In Spain is very traditional and usual the fact of having a Jamón in the kitchen of almost every home, different qualities depending on the families, but it is there right on the corner.

Company events: As a full leg is big amount, is perfect to enjoy it sharing it with your coworkers. Enjoy the amazing jamon exhibition and the live carving show with your colleagues.

Private events: You have a party at home and you want to have something exclusive and delicious. Bring the jamón exhibition to your place and show to your guests something unique in Estonia. And we can prepare sealed bags with the leftovers to keep it perfect in your fridge during weeks!

Weddings: It is very traditional in Spain, to have a good jamón during the wedding celebration with some nice cava as appetizer. Bring to your event that touch of exclusivity with a delicious meal. It is a safe bet.

Galas / opening ceremonies: Are you tired of the usual snacks? Would you like to level up the quality of the event? With a jamón carving show you will offer your guests the best quality appetizer and at the same time they will enjoy the show and the skills needed to make it happen.

What are you waiting to discover the jamón experience? If you like seafood, I am sure you will love our paella!

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