Enjoy the real Spanish food in Tallinn

We are very sure you have heard very good words about the Spanish food, but have you ever tried it? Now, thanks to hispatime is easier than ever to get your Spanish food in Estonia.

You probably have been to Spain, and one of the memories you have from there besides the sun is, surely, the food. We can not bring you back the sun and nice weather, we leave that as another excuse for you to visit Spain, but we would love to offer you anything related to the Spanish food that you dream about.

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Which kind of Spanish food can I have in Estonia?

Anything you know or you have tried when you were there might be possible, just ask us if we can make it! But just in case, we can offer you a summary with our specialities:

Paella: different varieties of the most popular dish from Spain (seafood, meat, vegan, mix), available at many sizes (up from 2 to over 100 portions) to match perfectly to your celebration or event. You can enjoy it as a part of a catering or as a master class to enjoy it and learn with your people.

Jamon: Delicious trademark from Hispatime and the Spanish cuisine. Dry leg from pork with an amazing taste. Different qualities and prices to make your event remarkable and exclusive. Full exhibition with hand carved show by our Maestro cortador de jamón ( Ham master slicer) Sergio G. Oliveros will make your event special and different.

Octopus: Different ways to enjoy the octopus, “a la gallega”, carpaccio, grilled… All of them delicious. Our suggestion, “Pulpo a la gallega” (galician style) over a bed of potatoes and flavoured with extra virgin olive oil and smoked Spanish paprika (pimentón de la Vera)

Tapas: Have you heard about them? It is very typical when you go to a bar in Spain, they offer you a little, or not that little, portion of food with every drink that you request. We bring that concepts and tapas to Estonia, making you enjoy the tastes of Spain bite to bite.

Events suggestions for Spanish food in Estonia:

It is a fact that Spanish food, and in general Mediterranean cuisine, are well known for their variety and delicious of their meals, so it would be the perfect choice almost every kind of event or catering. But just in case we show you some of the parties and catering activities where we usually are part of:

Company events: Make your event for your company different with your coworkers and Hispatime. Enjoy a Master Class and have an amazing experience with your colleagues. Perfect choice for a different corporate Christmas event in Tallinn.

Private events: Valid for little or big celebrations such as birthdays, warming up apartment, wedding anniversaries, or just a perfect excuse for gathering with friends and enjoy the Spanish food that you can’t have at any other place in Estonia.

Corporate summer days: If you are already tired of the usual white rice, boiled potatoes, tatar and baked pork meat and fish on the menu, this is your choice. Make your lunch a tasty experience with our Spanish food.

Weddings: Make your special day following the Spanish style, starting with the appetizers slicing an amazing Jamón ibérico with Cava, and then enjoying a delicious paella!

This is just a little list of how can you enjoy our services, but you are always more than welcome to ask or suggest anything is on your mind and we will do our best to make it happen.

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