Organize your private events with Hispatime

Give us the chance to come to your place and prepare a special and unique event. This is the chance to have, easier than ever, exclusive food at your place that you can not find at any other place in Estonia

What does Hispatime offer for private events?

Our cooking master classes are a wonderful way to bring your family or friends together, or a perfect way to celebrate achievements, or just have some Spanish food that you can't get anywhere else.

In one of the options, through this casual and fun event, the guests will have the chance of working together to create a delicious multi course meal while learning many things about the Spanish culture, all with the guidance of our fun(ny!) and talented chefs. The taste of Spain is already here!

It is a different concept of enjoying the food from the preparation, getting more involved and acquiring some culinary knowledge beyond the full belly. And everything surrounded by the people which matters to you. Definitely a different concept of a catering.

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Best master classes for private events

We really want to match your expectations and recreate what you felt when you were in Spain. We bring the pop up experience to your home or we find a place to make it happen. Curious about it? We leave you some suggestions:

Paellas: one of the most worldwide known meals from Spain and also from Hispatime. I am sure you have already heard about our Paellas in Tallinn, right? If it is not summer, do you have a little terrace where to cook it? If not, don't worry! We have the perfect replacement, our tasty Rice in the oven, which can be prepared at any house.

Spanish tapas: the traditional Party Bites (Cocktail-Style). Discover the flavour of Spain in small portions. Another way of having a tasty catering.

Spanish wines and Sangría: Good food is even better with the right pairing drink.

Cutting Jamon exhibitions and degustations bring your event to another level with that exclusive activity and enjoy a carving show and the jamón just sliced.

In which private event can I fit Hispatime?

Every of our private events is customized to be designed as it is on your mind. We can bring the pop up experience to you, or find a place to do it. With just a few details and an honest budget and Hispatime will create a customized experience. Those are some of our usual parties:

Birthdays parties: Because becoming wiser and more experienced is even nicer with good food.

Annual gatherings: Una vez al año no hace daño, (once a year is harmless) is a Spanish proverb, and in fact many people have annual meeting and they like to make us part of them.

Food lovers meetings: Many people love eating, so why not enjoying a food that it is not available at any other place in the country?

Warming up home parties: You just moved to your new home and you don't know how to celebrate it? Let Hispatime be your soolaleivapidu.

Anniversaries: Weddings or any other special celebration would be unique with the Spanish touch.